wake up ibiza festival @ benimussa park > from 10 12 september 2015

wake up ibiza festival @ benimussa park > from 10 12 september 2015


From 10 - 12 September 2015 from 15.15 - 00.00 hrs

day 1 - Awakening Journey through Healing, Yoga & Workshops, Live Music, Artistic & Visual Performances, Meditation, Dance & Joy
day 2 - Hiking Ibiza for a New Moon meditation :: RECHARGE YOURSELF with the magic of IBIZA NATURE
day 3 - Celebration @ MANDALA GARDEN with an exclusive concert by Mantrica (live music with hang , chanting & dance)

The second edition of the WAKE UP IBIZA FESTIVAL calling you to Wake Up with Music, Dance, Art, Walks, Meditations, Nature & Love in a unique gathering to celebrate, connect, heal, transcend, expand & make a change! Wake Up Ibiza Festival will be signalling a celebration of the closing of the summer season and the time to encourage and create new beginnings under the power of the New Moon.
WAKE UP Ibiza Festival  provides a chance to explore mind, body and spirit with workshops, ecstatic dance, yoga, live music & performances and inspiring audio-visuals culminating in a dance-floor with a higher vibration.
* 2 arenas with live music, live audio-visual & artistic performances, healing frequencies & ecstatic dance set
* 2 workshop areas with acro yoga, dance, tai chi, tantra, meditations & many more
* Healing area with healers, energy workers & island mystics
* Audiovisual journey area with Sacred Geometry Activations by Janosh and an introduction & ceremony from Ascension Meditation Ibiza to The Template, Bio-Circuitry Reconnection Testing.
* Kids area with fun & educational program for the whole family
* Food area with high vibrational food from Pranakitchen & EcoCentro
* Swimming pool with healing water therapy
* Art gallery by Ibiza Art collective
* Market stalls
Extra this year: Ibiza nature lovers, Hiking Ibiza, have teamed up to create a 3 day package of inspiring events.
* free entry to kids up to the age of 16,
* view:
DAY 1 - DAY 2 - DAY 3

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